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If you want to achieve a natural yet sophisticated look and feel for your property, wood fencing is the perfect choice. It not only protects your house, it also blends well with your outdoor wooden furniture, decorations, garden arbours, and landscaping.

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Wood fencing is flexible in terms of design and style. The artistic possibilities are endless with wood fences.

Our wood fences are very durable, as we only use the highest quality materials and offer pre-staining.

Northwoods Fencing offers a wide variety of designs to suit your distinctive taste. You may also opt to provide your own design; your imagination is the only limit!


  • Affordable – Wood fencing won’t break the bank and is one of the best choices in terms of cost-effectiveness. The materials needed for the fence are generally low in price while maintenance is quick, easy, and affordable.

  • Durable – The lifespan of wooden fences can be extended with proper care. Wood has the ability to resist impact when compared to other materials. If precautions are taken, such as the use of sealants, wood fencing can be expected to last for decades.

  • Easy to Install – Wood material is easy to work with. Wood fences are typically easy to construct, and the possibility of error during installation is low and quickly reversible. Having a professional, like D&D, install wood fencing can ease the process much more, as well.

  • Adaptable – Wooden fencing offers flexibility, customization, and is not limited to particular settings. Also, you are able to bring new life to wood fences through paint, stain, or other reproduction techniques.

  • Eco-Friendly – Unlike many other fencing options, wood is easily disposable, is harvested from replenishable sources, and will not hurt the environment.


“I promise that you will love our work as much as you love our prices.”

Jason Webster | Owner of Northwoods Fencing
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